Voice and Sing App

Get trained for any Audition, Play, Presentation or Performance.

I have worked in the music and entertainment industry for years. I was signed as a solo artist to Sony Music and I have recorded many singles and albums. Prior to that I was also a finalist on one of the biggest talent shows in the world The X Factor. I have performed principle roles in the West End in London, on TV, musical tours as well as sung with various artists including John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Anita Baker, Gabrielle and more. Over the years people have asked me how I warm up my voice and what some of the techniques that I use. This can all be found here in the Voice & Sing app.

This is one of a few apps designed to simulate sitting at the piano with a vocal coach. The app includes professionally recorded audio samples and pre-recorded piano exercises to guide you through the entire warm up.

Each warm up contains a series of vocal exercises to open, warm and relax your voice ranging from breathing exercises, lip trills, humming, mouth exercises, diaphragm exercises, warm down exercises and more. Once the application is downloaded you can start by doing the breathing exercises to open up your lungs and diaphragm then you can choose from a range of vocal pitches to achieve the perfect warm up for your voice.